An Open Letter to Speaker Pelosi on the Student Loan Crisis

As a Democratic voter and donor, a lifelong educator, a tenure-track faculty member at a public university, and someone who has been crushed for decades by student loan debt and repeatedly failed by the administrative incompetence and backlog of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, I am deeply concerned about your factually inaccurate statement on July 28, 2021 about the Executive branch not being able to forgive student loans. The US Education code specifically provides for the Secretary of Education to do this. Forgiveness of interest—which has now been done across multiple administrations—is itself an exercise of this authority. While legislative solutions to the student debt crisis are commendable, all solutions—both Executive and Legislative—should be furthered.

The other part of your statement that was deeply disturbing was about how forgiving student loans using other people’s taxes would not be perceived as fair. That comment was both out of touch and prejudicial in the extreme.

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