Thomas Jefferson’s Epic Open Access Rap Battle with Alexander Hamilton

Wherein a UVA alum ScholComm Librarian conjures the spirit of Thomas Jefferson in an entertaining attempt to instigate an Epic Linked Open Data and Open Access Rap Battle with Lin-Manuel Miranda. #bringitlin-manuel #wahoowa #whitemen_can’t_rap #willtherealCharlottesvillepleasestandup

Lyrics and vocals CC-NC-SA 4.0, so enjoy, share, use, borrow, and remix freely!

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Black Collections Matter: Call for a 10% Library Budget Pledge to Support African-American Academic Publishing

Systemic and institutional racism is an enormous problem in academic publishing, and this thoroughly infects libraries as well. Charlotte Roh’s 2018 CARL presentation and accompanying slides should be mandatory reading in this regard, and her citations lead out to lots of other important and relevant scholarly articles and reports. So if you haven’t read Roh’s work, please stop and do so now.

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