Linked Open Data Protest against and

After having spent countless hours curating publication lists and metadata on these platforms and fielding numerous requests from their bots and users to upload content, as a self-motivated academic author I’ve finally decided to reset the nature of my relationship with and

Besides deleting dozens of my publications from these sites, here is the core of my personal Linked Open Data protest:

While deleting publications did also delete reader analytics, both systems still preserved overall profile analytics. Even if I lost all publication and profile analytics on these sites, I honestly wouldn’t care, because it’s too much of a hassle to collate such analytics across numerous platforms, and I get better analytics from truly Open Access repositories such as Zenodo.

If you think this kind of Linked Open Data protest is a good idea, feel free to share it and encourage other academic authors to end their time-consuming co-dependency on commercial academic profile websites. In a Linked Open Data scholarly ecosystem, we really don’t need them. They only deserve to exist if they work for us, not vice versa.