CSU Explores the Possibility of a Google Books Partnership

Just heard yesterday that our CSU Council of Library Deans (COLD) approved a request I’d made to begin exploring a possible system-wide partnership with Google Books.

The first step that Google Books has invited is for the CSU to send records of our entire print holdings to Google Books for evaluation. Google Books would then run a comparison of their current digitized holdings against our holdings and evaluate on their end whether a digitization partnership makes sense. If it does, then the CSU would consider whether it might make sense for us as well.

Whether the partnership agreement eventually materializes or not, it would definitely be illuminating to see how much of our print content in the CSU isn’t yet part of the Google Books holdings.

If it does materialize, our not-yet-digitized student Honors, Masters, and Doctoral Theses, Dissertations, and Projects will likely be high on the list of priorities for digitization. Some CSUs have had a robust thesis digitization effort in place for years now, while other, less well-funded campuses have struggled to kick this into gear.

Thank you to Paul Fogel and Kathryn Stine at CDL / UC Mass Digitization and to Ben Bunnell and Darcy Dapra at Google Books for helping bring this exploration together. Thanks also to George Wrenn for his suggestion to bring this idea directly to COLD.