ORCID-ShareYourPaper.org Integration in the Works

My schedule yesterday (April 21st) included hosting a really excellent meeting with Joe McArthur (lead developer of OpenAccessButton and ShareYourPaper.org), Sheila Rabun (ORCID rep. for Lyrasis) and Shawna Sadler (ORCID Engagement Manager for the Americas).

Lots of amazing and potentially impactful development ideas were floated and considered. Some will need additional vetting from the ORCID board, since they would involve changes to ORCID record functionality and UI to direct users to Shareyourpaper.org from ORCID. The potential for other ideas will depend on whether the folks at OAB choose to go the route of ORCID certification, ORCID institutional membership, or whether to continue to rely on Zenodo’s basic functionality to push deposit records to ORCID via DataCite DOI creation.

Our next meeting about the technological specifications of an ORCID integration on the Shareyourpaper.org side is being scheduled.

All that to say, there’s nothing specific to announce yet, but the creativity and enthusiasm on both sides is very, very promising. I’d wager to say we will see some really cool ORCID-Shareyourpaper.org integrations in place in the not too distant future.